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Welcome to KAV Health Group — Ohio’s Premier Provider of Online Addiction Treatment, Suboxone Treatment, and Mental Health Therapy Services.

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Online Mental Health Treatment
Online Mental Health Treatment

About Our Practice

As one of the leading outpatient addiction and mental health treatment clinics in Ohio for years, we at KAV Health Group believe that our success and longevity has come from an unwavering commitment to provide our patients with compassionate, high-quality care that is also accessible, convenient, and affordable. Since our inception, we’ve gone to great lengths to uphold this commitment to ensure we can continue serving as many people in our community as possible, and ultimately help each one of our patients live the happy, meaningful, and sober life they deserve.

Recovery with Suboxone

For years, Suboxone has been a crucial part of our MAT program for patients suffering from opioid addiction. This FDA-approved medication eases patients into recovery with two key ingredients — Buprenorphine and Naloxone — which together help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Patients don’t build a tolerance to Suboxone, meaning we never need to increase dosage of this non-addictive drug to achieve the same positive effect. When combined with therapy, Suboxone treatment is a safe, effective method to beat addiction once and for all.

Our Online Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

At KAV Health Group, we believe that the accessibility and convenience of your care matter, which is why in addition to providing same day appointments and accepting Ohio Medicaid insurance, all of our treatment and therapy services are available online through a confidential, HIPAA-compliant video platform. We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of you getting the help you deserve.

We use carefully-selected medications, both as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs to help our patients overcome opioid addiction, and to help treat mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Our evidence-based approach uses precisely dosed, monitored treatments and safe medication management combined with supportive counseling and therapy to help our patients address their physical, mental, and emotional issues head on.

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Online Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Our online Suboxone treatment program is part of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plan to help those battling opioid addiction. A tailored dosage of Suboxone works hand-in-hand with counseling to make each patient’s recovery experience more effective. Through our convenient telehealth format, our doctors check in virtually to monitor how you’re responding to treatment, while you work with our counselors on a regular basis to uncover and address the root causes of your addiction to opioids.

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Online Mental Health Treatment & Psychiatry

The right medication can make mental illnesses much easier to manage — they’re not a cure-all, but they make day-to-day issues easier to face so you can focus on getting better. We account for your specific mental issues, health, personal disposition, and whether you’re also struggling with any substance abuse issues before prescribing any medications. The process starts with an official diagnosis from our Board-Certified Psychiatrist who will then work with you to build a life-changing treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Online Counseling & Group Therapy

We offer virtual counseling and therapy sessions in both one-on-one and small group formats — whether you’re part of a MAT program for opioid addiction, working on a mental health disorder, or often both, we’ll personalize our online sessions to your needs. Individual counseling can help you examine the underlying causes or unhealthy patterns that have made life more difficult and find ways to face those issues and manage strong emotions, while group therapy helps you to develop coping skills and connect with a strong support network.

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Experienced Providers

Our Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Certified Suboxone Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Counselors, Social Workers, and other support staff all work together to uphold the high standard of care in which the KAV Health Group name was founded. Whether you come to us seeking help for addiction, mental health, or both, our experienced team of behavioral health professionals will develop an individualized treatment plan that allows you to work through your specific issues at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Dr Geibel

Stephen "Jeff" Geibel, PhD, LiCDC-CS

  • Director of Clinical Training
  • Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor-Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Stephen “Jeff” Geibel is an experienced chemical dependency counselor and clinical supervisor who has spent over 20 years in the behavioral health field, particularly with specialized care for dual diagnoses. His academic background, including faculty appointments in psychology and psychiatry, gives him a deep understanding of the roots of addiction and helps him teach and train others on our clinical team.

Steve C

Steven Carpenter, LCDC II

  • Clinical Compliance Manager
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor II

Steven Carpenter holds two degrees, one in Chemical Dependency Counseling and another in Mental Health Technology. He is committed to meeting patients where they’re at in the process and works diligently to ensure they are complying throughout the course of treatment, because he knows the benefits of consistent, individualized care from his own experience helping build an addiction program.

Misty E

Misty Engel, MSW, LSW, LICDC

  • Clinical Director for Substance Use Disorders
  • Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor

Misty Engel has a master’s degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University, and uses her education and training to produce quality clinical programming centered on serving the individualized needs of every patient through a series of therapeutic, evidence-based interventions. She is a natural problem-solver and loves to help people find lasting solutions to the issues in their lives that addiction has caused.

Jenny C

Jenny Combs, A.A.S., LCDC II

  • Clinical Operations Director for Substance Use Disorders
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor II

Jenny Combs is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor II with years of experience in IOP, OP, RP, and MAT programs. Despite her responsibilities as Clinical Operations Director, Jenny continues to meet with patients because of her love for counseling. She’s seen a number of people and their families affected by addiction and feels strongly about helping in every way she can — because everyone deserves a chance at a life of sobriety.

Mindy W

Mindy Willis, A.A.S, CDCA II

  • Clinical Assistant Manager for Substance Use Disorders
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant II

Mindy Willis is a clinical assistant manager at KAV Health Group with a focus as an Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) counselor. Much of her work is on mending family relationships that have been damaged by addiction. She’s continuing her education within the chemical dependency field because of her passion for helping patients understand the cycle of addiction and learn how to live a more functional life without substance use.

Dr Mohammad

Mohammad Golam Saklayen, M.D.

  • Board-Certified Internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Mohammad Saklayen has been practicing medicine for nearly 40 years, many of which as an internal medicine doctor and part-time professor and researcher at Wright State University in his career. After retiring, Dr. Saklayen saw a need to help those suffering from opioid addiction in Ohio, and knew that he could be of help, which is what’s brought him to KAV Health Group.


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“So this place has been there for me from the beginning. They have always worked with me and my crazy schedule! They are awesome when it comes to making me feel like a person and not just some addict no one cares about. I have really moved forward and progressed a lot with the help of the staff. I highly recommend that you give them a call if you need a treatment facility who will understand you.”
– A.C.

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“Thank you so much. Words can’t describe how much you’ve helped me on my journey. You’re such an inspirational and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to meet you all. I’m beyond grateful for KAV!!!!!”
– A.F.

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“Thank you KAV for doing an amazing job with your patients and literally saving lives.”
– J.A.